In Andean Indian

alamaya means hope for a miracle

Schizophrenia, which affects 1 out of 100 persons in the world, imposes great suffering on patients and their families. To this day, no treatment allows to improve all of the disabling symptoms related to the disease.

However, research has achieved considerable progress, leading to new therapeutic perspectives and, in the longer term, possible measures to prevent schizophrenia.

Public funds cover approximately half of the research costs - the other half has to be provided through the support of private donors. Despite the important and recognized prevalence of schizophrenia and other psychiatric diseases, the financing of research in this field remains a major challenge and falls a long way behind the means invested for the benefit of somatic medicine.

The goal of the Alamaya Foundation is to collect private funds needed to advance research - and thus to bring back hope to those who are faced with this devastating disorder.

title"Je souffre d'une effroyable maladie de l'esprit, d'un effondrement central de l'âme... ma pensée m'abandonne..."
"I suffer from a horrifying disease of the mind, a total collapse of the soul... my thoughts are leaving me..."

"Il y a une angoisse acide et trouble, aussi puissante qu'un couteau, et dont l'écartèlement a le poids de la terre..."
"There is a sharp and dark anguish, as powerful as a knife, and whose all-encompassing weight tears me apart..."

"A moins de mourir, il n'y a pas d'issue."
"Unless I die, there is no way out."

Antonin Artaud, French poet, essayist,
dramatist, actor and director (1896-1948)